Integrity Behavioral & Coaching Solutions LLC  - FAMILY THERAPY, FINANCIAL THERAPY & LIFE COACHING
What We Offer:


*Family/Individual Therapy- Maximizing your relational skills.
*Individual Counseling
*Marriage Counseling
*Adolescent Counseling
*Child Therapy
*Substance Abuse Counseling
*Mental Health Evaluations
*Substance Abuse Evaluations
Financial Therapy- Developing a healthy relationship with money.
*Financial Counseling
*Life Planning
Life Coaching- Effective value-based goal setting.
*Personal Coaching
*Professional Coaching
     Life coaching is a powerful human relationship in which trained coaches help people design their future rather than get over their past. Through a typically long-term relationship, coaches aid clients in creating visions and goals for ALL aspects of their lives and multiple strategies to support the achievement of those goals. Coaches recognize their client's brilliance and their personal power to discover their own solutions when provided with support, accountability, and unconditional positive regard (Williams,Davis 2007).

Group Therapy
*Anger Management
*Financial Dynamics for Couples
*Transitioning to Adulthood
*Balancing Life and Work

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The Success Family Package (10 pre-paid counseling sessions). Pro-Active and Preventive Services for today's successful families.
Available services included in package:

*Marriage/Relationship Therapy
*Family Therapy
*Adolescent Therapy
*Life Transition Therapy
*Substance Abuse Therapy
*Financial Counseling/Planning
*Career Counseling
*Anger Management

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" Your Best is Yet to Come"

At Integrity Behavioral & Coaching Solutions we have a passion to serve our clients, and those in the helping professions, such as therapists, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, and those in the medical professions. These professionals spend their lives improving the quality of life of those they serve daily, and many of them lack the time to find a trusted adviser, one that can provide financial and relational support in full confidentiality. As helping professionals ourselves, we can relate, and understand their unique needs, and  challenges they experience, in becoming financially independent. We are committed to Helping the Helpers by providing:
*Financial Counseling
*Risk Management
*Debt Management
*Retirement Income Planning
*Legacy Planning
*Comprehensive Financial Planning

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